ASAS Committees

ASAS has five types of committees or special representative assignments: 1) Board Committees, 2) General Committees/Working Groups, 3) Special Representative appointments to other groups, 4) Awards Committees and 5) Joint Annual Meeting Program Committees. Each type of committee or special representative appointment provides a chance to contribute to the society and to become involved in the society leadership.

Board committees, are committees made up of board members. These committees may be defined within the by-laws or be a special board designated committee. General committees/working groups are generally formed for topics or programming important to the membership. These committees are made up of a combination of general membership and board members. The yearly expectations for these committees are described in the committee assignment documents. Special representatives are usually joint members between the two societies represented and work to keep the two societies updated. Award committees and participation on the committees is defined in the rules associated with an award. We do not post award committees until after we receive all nominations for the year, as the structure of the committee often changes to avoid conflict of interest. JAM Program Committees propose symposia, review abstracts, and help fundraise for the meeting.

Committee assignments are for three years and committee terms are for July to July. Please contact us at throughout the year if you are interested in serving on committees. We try to ensure that anyone interested in serving on a committee has that opportunity.


Executive Committee
NE - D. Hamernik (Chair)
CT - S.A. Zinn

AR - M.L. Looper
VA - S.E. Johnson
IN - T.A. Armstrong
WA - K.A. Johnson
KS - M.D. Tokach
AL - J. L. Sartin
IL - M. C. Wulster-Radcliffe (Ex Officio, Non-Voting)
IL - J. M. Hemmelgarn (Ex Officio, Non-Voting)

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Finance Committee (2016-2017)
VA- K. A. Johnson(Chair)
IN - T. Armstrong
SD - J.P. Cassady
NE - D. Hamernik
AR - M.L. Looper
MT - M.K. Petersen
CT - S.A. Zinn

Committee Assignment
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ASAS Membership Committee (2016-2017)
CT- K. E. Govoni
NE– D. Hamernik
CT– A. K. Jones
NE- P. S. Miller
KS- K. Phelps
NC- M. H. Poore
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Strategic Plan Implementation and Review Committee (2016-2017)
AR– J. K. Apple
MD– E. E. Connor
Canada- C. Farmer
NE– D. Hamernik
FL– P. J. Hansen
IL– J. M. Hemmelgarn
AU– P. I. Hynd
AR– E. B. Kegley
AR– M. L. Looper
MO– A. M. Meyer
NE– P. S. Miller
AL– J. L. Sartin
IN– K. Schoonmaker
NE– J. C. Whittier
IL– M. C. Wulster-Radcliffe
CT– S. A.  Zinn
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General Committees/Working Groups

ASAS Communications Committee (2014-2015)
NC–W. L. Flowers (Chair)
IL–M. C. Wulster-Radcliffe (Ex Officio, Non-Voting)
ND–D. S. Buchanan
WI- A. Radunz
CA–B. L. Golden
ND- L. Reynolds
IN–J. S. Radcliffe
KY- D. K. Aaron
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ASAS Publication Committee
CT- K. E. Govoni (Chair)
NE- D. Hamernik (Ex Officio, Non-Voting)
IL- M. C. Wulster-Radcliffe (Ex Officio, Non-Voting)
ND- J. S. Caton
TX– T. A. Davis
Canada– C. Farmer
IA– E. J. Huff-Lonergan
WI- A. E. Radunz
AL- J. L. Sartin
Committee Portal

Public Policy Committee
NE–D. Hamernik (Chair)
CA–A. L. Van Eenennaam
WA–K. A. Johnson

Committee Assignment

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Special Representatives

Assn. for Assessment & Accreditation of Lab. Animal Care Int
IL- J. Salak-Johnson

American Association for the Advancement of Science Council
ID–R. A. Hill

American Feed Industry Association Nutrition Council
KY–G. L. Cromwell

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
NE- J. C. Whittier

American Society of Agronomy
WI–E. G. Bergfeld

British Society of Animal Science
C. Reynolds

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
NM- G. Duff

European Assoc. for Animal Production
AL- J. Sartin

Latin American Association of Animal Production
NE–E. Casas
NV–L. Gomez-Raya

Mexican Association for Animal Science

Mexico–G. Villalobos

Society for Range Management
OR–T. DelCurto

World Association of Animal Production
AL- J. L. Sartin

Joint Annual Meeting Program Committees (2016)

Overall Programming Committee
CO - S. Archibeque (Chair)
KS - B. Bradford
MN - C. Larson
Spain - I. Ipharraguerre
Canada - F. Miglior
NE - J. Whittier
TX - C. Gill
IL - P. Studney
IL - M. Wulster-Radcliffe

ADSA-ASAS Northeast Section Symposium
MD - D. Edwards (Chair)

ADSA Production Division Symposium

KS - B. Bradford (Chair)

ADSA Southern Section Symposium
 FL - M. Sowerby (Chair)

ARPAS Symposium
KS - J. DeFrain (Chair)
OK - R. Wettemann
MN - J. Garrett

ASN Pre-conference
TX - T. Davis (Chair)
MI - G. Hill
TX - G. Wu
IL - K. Swanson

Beef Cattle Nutrition Symposium
SC - N. Long (Chair)
CA - R. Zinn
NM - S. Ivey
AR - P. Beck

Animal Behavior & Well-Being - Joint ASAS-ADSA
Canada - T. Devries (Chair)
IN - B. Gaskill
CO - T. Grandin
WY - M. Streeter
OH - K. Proudfoot
IL - J. Salak-Johnson
Canada - M. Gordon
Canada - E. Vasseur

Animal Health- Joint ASAS-ADSA
NY - C. Elrod (Chair)
TX - J. Carroll
MO - T. Wistuba
MO - M. Mellencamp
TX - M. Ballou
MD - K. Moyes
AR - B. Kegley
IA - S. Jalukar
NY - T. Overton
Canada - E. Ibeagha-Awemu

TX - J. Vasconcelos (Chair) 
AR - D. Fernandez
IA - P. Gunn
OR - R. Cooke
CT - T. Hoagland
Canada - Y. Montanholi

Bio Ethics - Joint ASAS-ADSA
VA - J. Knight (Chair)
Brazil - L. Fonseca
ND - D. Buchanan
OH - K. Proudfoot
SC - J. Strickland

Breeding and Genetics - Joint ASAS-ADSA
MD- J. Cole (Chair)
KS - J. Bormann
WI - H. Khatib
Canada - F. Miglior
NC - C. Maltecca
TX - C. Gill
IA - J. Koltes

Cell Biology Symposium
KY - J. Klotz

Companion Animals
MO - B. Vester Boler (Chair)
Canada - K. Shoveller
KS - G. Aldrich
IL - K. Swanson
CA - M. Edwards

Comparative Gut Physiology
NE - A. Foote (Chair)
OH - J. Knapp
IL - Y. Liu
IN - A. Aguilar
France - E. Wall
KY - J. Matthews
United Kingdom - C. Reynolds
Switzerland - D. Bravo
AR - J. Zhao
Canada - E. Khafipour

Contemporary & Emerging Issues - Joint ASAS-ADSA
NE - D. Hamernik (Chair)
MN - T. Nennich
MT - J. Paterson 
OK - J. Neel
KY - E. Vanzant
WI - L. Solorzano
AR - C. Bailey
TX - P. Riggs
GA - M. Azain
WA - K. Johnson

Dairy Foods
IA - S. Clark (Chair)
WI - T. Dawson
Canada - M. Corredig
KS - K. Schmidt

Extension Education - Joint ASAS-ADSA
SD - J. Walker (Chair)
ID - J. Dalton
LA - K. Harborth
KY - D. Amaral-Phillips
KY - J. Bewley
AR -  T. Troxel

Food Safety - Joint ASAS-ADSA
TX - T. Callaway (Chair)
SD - S. Anand
IL - T. Powell
Canada - T. Reuter
OK - C. Krehbiel
UT - F. Steele
PA - L. Holden 

Forages and Pastures - Joint ASAS-ADSA
PA - K. Soder (Chair)
Canada - C. Robins
NC - V. Fellner
UT - J. Eun
NE - K. Jenkins
NE - A. Stalker
VA - G. Ferreira
AR - K. Coffey

ADSA Graduate Student Symposium
IL - K. Klein

ASAS Graduate Student Symposium
ND - K. McLean
CT - A. Jones

Growth and Development - Joint ASAS-ADSA
GA - G. Hausman (Chair)
Canada - A. Canovas
KY - J. Matthews
Denmark - H. Hammon
GA - J. Daniel
VA - K. Daniels
MS - J. Blanton

TX - J. Coverdale (Chair)
KY - F. Camargo
TX - C. Cavinder
NM - J. Turner

International Animal Agriculture
Canada - F. Miglior (Chair)
MD - A. Adams
Italy - A. Rosati
OH - N. St-Pierre
IN - K. Devaney
VA - D. Notter
Canada - C. Baes

Lactation Biology - Joint ASAS-ADSA
MO - T. McFadden
IL - J. Loor
VA - B. Corl
Canada - C. Farmer
WI - L. Hernandez
CA - C. Moore

Meat Science and Muscle Biology
OK - D. VanOverbeke (Chair)
MO - B. Wiegand
WY - Y. Huang
Canada - L. Faucitano

Milk Protein and Enzyme (Standing Committee within Dairy Foods)
CA - R. Jimenez-Flores (Chair)
Canada - M. Corredig
UT - D. McMahon
SD - L. Metzger
Canada - Y. Pouliot
Canada - R. Roesch
SD - H. Patel
CA - D. Everett
PA - P. Qi
WI - T. Dawson

Nonruminant Nutrition
MN - Z. Rambo (Chair)
NJ - J. Jendza

Physiology & Endocrinology
FL - C. Lamb (Chair)
IA - L. Baumgard
CA - A. Souza
ND - K. Vonnahme
IL - J. Loor
NE - C. Lents

Production, Management & the Environment - Joint ASAS-ADSA
TX - A. Cole (Chair)
Canada - T. Devries
KY - D. Ely
IL - P. Cardoso
ID - A. Laytem

Ruminant Nutrition - Joint ASAS-ADSA
WI - M. Hall (Chair)
IN - J. Schoonmaker
WA - D. Llewellyn
TX - J. Jennings
FL - T. Hackman
MN - G. Schroeder
Canada - K. Plaizier
AR - K. Coffey
KY - K. McCleod
WY - S. Paisley
FL - M. Hersom
MT - G. Duff
TX - R. Anderson
NV - A. Faciola
IL - P. Cardoso
IN - K. Schoenberg
Argentina - F. Bargo
TN - A. Rius

Small Ruminant (Sheep & Goat combined)
OK - S. Hart
Lebanon - P. Aad
AL - U. Karki
MA - R. Gately
KY - D. Aaron


KS - M. Tokach (Chair)
MN - Y. Li
MI - R. Bates
Canada - J. Lapointe

Teaching/Undergraduate & Graduate Education
ID - A. Ahmadzadeh (Chair)
OK - P. Camfield
IA - J. Sterle
NV - A. Faciola
WI - M. Wattiaux
WA - M. Maquivar

Award Committees (2014-2015)

Fellow Awards
KY - D. K. Aaron (Chair)
WA - M. Benson
NE - R. Green
IA - J. Mabry
CA - J. Oltjen
TX - J. Savel
KS - M. Hunt

American Feed Industry Association Award in Ruminant Nutrition Research
NC - W. Flowers (Chair)
VA - K. Herkelman
CA - E. Kebreab
KY - D. Harmon
NE - K. Jenkins
MT - M. Petersen

American Feed Industry Association Award in Non-Ruminant Nutrition Research
IN - T. Armstrong (Chair)
IA - J. Patience
VIC -F. Dunshea
MN - G. Shurson
KY - G. Cromwell
IA - B. Kerr

Animal Growth and Development
TX - D. Hawkins (Chair)
AR - M. Looper
MD - T. Elsasser
CT - S. Zinn
ND - L. Reynolds
J.F. Hocquette

Animal Industry Service
AL - J. Sartin (Chair)
IA - K. Dorton
KS - M. Tokach
KY - D. Ely
NE - C. Calkins
MO - G. Allee

Animal Management
CT - T. Hoagland (Chair)
OK - S. Gunter
OK - R. Wetteman
IN - B. Richert
KS - R. Goodband

Animal Physiology and Endocrinology
WA - M. Benson (Chair)
CO - T. Hansen
VT - S. Johnson
IL - P. Dziuk
WA - T. Spencer
ND - L. Reynolds

Distinguished Teacher
TX - T. Davis (Chair)
TX - M. Beverly
MO - B. Wiegand
KY - D. Aaron
ND - D. Brink
IA - C. Youngs

Gary L. Cromwell Award for Research in Minerals
ND - G. Lardy (Chair)
OH - D. Mahan
NC - J. Spears
ND - J. Caton
IN - J. S. Radcliffe

Rockefeller Prentice Memorial Award in Animal Breeding and Genetics
AL - R. Muntifering (Chair)
NC - J. Cassady
K. DeLange
F. Miglior
MO - J. F. Taylor
I. Misztal

Meats Research
NE - D. Hamernik (Chair)
KS - M. Dikeman
MO - C. Lorenzen
IA - D. U. Ahn
IA - S. Lonergan
WA - M. Du

Bouffault International Animal Agriculture
NE - J. Whittier (Chair)
IL - J. Pettigrew
FL - L. McDowell
IA - J. Mabry
NY - X. Lei
MO - D. Ledoux

Early Career Award
MN - C. Larson (Chair)
IA - J. Ross
NE - J. Whittier
CT - T. Hoagland
AL - R. Muntifering
KY - S. Suman

Equine Science
TX - W. B. Smith (Chair)
NJ - K. Malinowski
MN - C. Larson
VT - E. Greene
NE - K. Anderson
MI - B. Nielsen

CO - S. Archibeque (Chair)
NE - R. Rasby
CA - A. Van Eenennaam
OK - D. Lalman
CA - J. Oltjen

NE - P. Miller
TX - F. Bazer
IA - R. Walker
TX - M. Galyean
NE - R. Johnson
CO - T. Engle

Corbin Companion Animal Biology
Canada - C. Farmer
KS - D. Jewel
IL - K. Swanson
OH - Gail Kuhlman
CT - R. Yamka

Joseph P. Fontenot Student Travel Scholarship
VA - K. Smedley (Chair)
AR - J. Apple
FL - J. Arthington
MT - J. Berardinelli
PA - K. Griswold

Wilson G. Pond Appreciation Club International Travel
MO - T. Veum (Chair)
NY - X. Lei
Australia - A. Bell
TX - J. McGlone

Agri-King Outstanding Animal Science Graduate Student

KY - D. Aaron (Chair)
SD - D. Casper
AR - M. Looper
ND - K. McLean
IL - D. Jones

H. Allen Tucker Lactation and Endocrinology (award given every 3 years)
Not awarded in 2015

L. E. Casida (award given every 3 years)
ND - K. Vonnahme (Chair)
ND - L. Reynolds
NC - W. Flowers
MO - G. Lewis
FL - J. Yelich

H. Allen Tucker Student Travel Scholarship
WA - M. Benson
AL - J. Sartin
ND - G. Lardy