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Agricultural research needs to be a priority - This article discusses the value of animal agricultural research, and why increased and equitable funding of research and development in this area is so important to addressing societal and global challenges. READ MORE

Interpretive Summaries

  • Researchers discover methane traits are heritable in beef cattle

    The research, published online in the Journal of Animal Science, offers the potential for using genetic selection to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cattle, without altering cattle performance.
  • Identifying “Super Momma” Cows

    Researchers have found that if a cow produces and transfers increased amounts of immunoglobulins into her colostrum she is likely to do so again and again – giving calves that receive colostrum from “super moms” the best chance for a healthy start.
  • No difference in meat from rabbits fed GM soybean meal

    Results of a recent Journal of Animal Science study indicate that the meat from rabbits fed GM feed is no different than the meat of rabbits fed conventional crops.