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Boosting the confidence of consumers with higher food safety. 

Unfortunately, in recent years the topic of antibiotic resistance has shadowed the animal science community. Diligently, researchers, educators and producers have aimed to become more transparent with their use of antibiotics. Regrettably, due to many unreliable sources, consumers are blinded by the negative features of antibiotic use. Therefore, it will continuously be our job to find ways that boost the confidence of the consumer in our society. 

During the 2018 WCAP meeting in Vancouver, scientist come together to continue the discussion. Join us Friday, July 6, 2018 during the "Higher food safety to enhance consumer confidence" session featuring presentations from: H. Barkema, A. Pruden and U. Rössler.

Speakers and Titles:

2:00PM Effect of the use of antibiotics in food animals on antibiotic resistance in food animals and humans. H. Barkema

2:45PM Critical Control Points for preventing the spread of antibiotic resistance associated with cattle manure to fresh produce. A. Pruden 

5:30PM The challenge of Antimicrobial resistance on the animal-human-environment interface. U. Rössler

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We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.