April 09, 2020

Looking for Editor-in-Chief - Animal Science Image Gallery

Editor-in-Chief, Animal Science Image Gallery, American Society of Animal Science

Job Description

The Animal Science Image Gallery, developed by Harold Hafs and redesigned in 2014, is a repository for images related to animal science in all its forms. Images are available to members of ASAS and, in some cases, are made available open access. 

This site is designed to provide images, animations, and video for classroom and outreach learning. To supplement the visual information, each file has a description and metadata including the origins and ownership for the image.

Each file in the Gallery is published online after peer review to ensure image quality, proper attribution and ownership, metadata optimization, and to ensure that accompanying information is sufficient and accurate.

Information associated with each image is subject to modification by the managers of the site; anyone finding an image with potentially inaccurate information is urged to bring this to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief.

The role of the Editor-in-Chief is to manage all aspects of the operation of the Animal Science Image Gallery.  It is expected that the Editor-in-Chief will ensure that scientifically accurate images are made available and will also work to improve procedures for management of the site, and increase the impact of the Animal Science Image Gallery for the scientific community, news organizations, and other interested persons.  Among other activities, the Editor-in-Chief is encouraged to develop new protocols and procedures as needed for image licensing and handling batch submissions.

Resources available to the Editor-in-Chief will be limited funds to support part-time editorial assistants, support from ASAS staff and an Editorial Board appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. A small stipend is provided.

Applications are due May 15th, 2020. Please address communications to Dr. Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe