April 06, 2020

Did you miss the 2nd ASAS Webinar Series?

Don't Miss Out! 

Brenda Alexander

Did you miss the second installment of the ASAS Webinar Series, Reproductive Behavior - the basis of reproductive success with speaker 2020 Southern Section Randel Lecture Speaker Dr. Brenda Alexander? Here is a link to the recording of this webinar, https://vimeo.com/400713356

We just finished the third “live” ASAS Webinar Series, Challenges and Opportunities of Moving Your Courses Online with our panelists, Dr. Jodi Sterle, Dr. Debra Aaron, Dr. Scott Ratcliffe and Dr. Cassandra Jones. Look for weekly webinar announcements as we have added to our webinars during this time of COVID-19 in-person restrictions. Recordings will be released after each webinar for the previous webinar in the ASAS Webinar Series.