April 01, 2020

ASAS-CSAS-WSASAS 2020 Annual Meeting COVID-19 Accommodations

ASAS-CSAS- ASAS Western Section 2020 Annual Meeting and Trade Show (ASAS-CSAS-WSASAS) COVID-19 Accommodations: Update 2

ASAS-CSAS-WS are committed to holding a high quality, safe scientific meeting in Madison, WI in July. Regardless of the situation with COVID-19, the annual meeting will be held.Depending on the situation as we grow closer to the date for the meeting, the meeting will be held either as a hybrid in person virtual meeting (virtual presentations for attendees still under travel bans) or entirely using a virtual format.Everyone who submits an abstract or who is an invited speaker will be given an opportunity to present in-person or virtually.

The first ASAS meeting was held in 1908 and has been held each year since, including during both world wars. Although the 2020 meeting may look markedly different than typical, we are organizing the meeting to ensure that we will be able to present high quality science internationally in July 2020. ASAS pioneered the availability of meeting talks virtually in 2012. For this year, we will ensure that all talks, posters and presentations are available online during and after the meeting.

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, we will adjust our plans as needed regarding an in-person meeting and keep the memberships of ASAS, CSAS and Western Section and all interested people informed.


Those unable to attend the 2020 ASAS-CSAS-WS Meeting in person will be able to participate through a reduced virtual registration rate of $250 (for members between now and June 15, 2020). Please see the registration website for additional registration categories and deadlines. If travel becomes easier and safer (as we hope), it will be easy to convert the $250 virtual registration into an onsite attendance fee. The conversion/dollar amount of the onsite registration will be based on the date of purchase of the virtual registration. In the event, travel restrictions prevent you from traveling to the meeting and (or) force us to hold the annual meeting in virtual format only, we will refund dollars beyond the virtual attendance rate. The virtual registration rate was set by the ASAS Board at a breakeven rate, with the goal of covering the cost of the IT while providing the best possible service to our members.


The city of Madison has worked with us throughout this crisis. In an unprecedented move, the city has waived all attrition, changed our housing due dates and waived cancellation fees. The goal is to get people to the meeting safely! We applaud the city for their flexibility and compassion! Our new housing deadline is July 3, 2020.

Abstract Submission

No matter the meeting format, our meetings rely on the submission of the highest quality science. We know everyone is swamped with converting classes to online formats and transitioning research projects – so we have once again reviewed our deadlines and decided to extend the deadline for abstract submission until May 1, 2020. Our goal is simply to give our members and stakeholders the most flexibility in their submissions!

No matter the format of the annual meeting, we want to provide a forum for the most science possible. Consequently we are also:

  1. Suspending our submissions policy that dictates an abstract cannot be under review elsewhere when submitted to ASAS, and we will allow work submitted and presented at the 2020 meeting to be submitted and presented elsewhere.This change in policy allows members the best chance to showcase any and all work to the largest possible audiences.
  2. We have reached out to several other animal agriculture and animal science-based organizations that have already had to cancel their meetings to offer support and a virtual home for any time sensitive meeting content that could not be presented due to their meeting cancelations.
  3. We are working with vendors to develop virtual participation options for international attendees and other individuals who may have travel restrictions.

Programming changes

  1. We have added the Western Section of ASAS to the meeting program.
  2. We are postponing the ICFAE meeting that was originally scheduled to follow the annual meeting. Although we have a large number of attendees from outside North America the majority of annual meeting attendees are still from North America. The ICFAE generally has approximately 70% European attendees and at their request we are moving ICFAE to 2021.
  3. We welcome participation by other groups with interests similar to ASAS and CSAS who do not have the opportunity to host their regular presentation. Please contact ASAS at asas@asas.org for more information.

We are planning a meeting in uncertain times.It is the sincere hope of the ASAS and CSAS staff and boards that COVID-19 will be safely contained and the outcomes will be as minimal as possible. The actions proposed above are purely designed to make the coming weeks easier for our members and attendees. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact ASAS at asas@asas.org.