March 26, 2020

OUP and Google Universal CASA

OUP and Google Universal CASA

As professors, researchers, and students have moved off campus and have more limited access to their institutions’ networks, we are pleased to announce that OUP has enabled Google Universal CASA across the Oxford Academic/journals platform. CASA, or Campus Activated Subscriber Access, enables Google Scholar users from subscribing institutions like universities and libraries to access their subscription content even when they are not on campus. Universal CASA extends this capability beyond Google Scholar to ensure a seamless access journey is possible wherever a user starts their research journey.

Though OUP had been planning to roll out CASA later this year, we accelerated the implementation to allow easy access during this time of international crisis.

Here are some details of how CASA works:

• The user needs to be on a campus network when they initially access CASA, but they do not have to be “on campus” 

• After that, the user should be able to seamlessly use CASA and access OUP journals without having to be on their institution’s network

• This will work everywhere Google Scholar will work (so the vast majority of the world, but not where Google is blocked like in China)

• Users access content via CASA will be counted as part of their institution’s usage

• Here’s a link for the Google help page: