Biographies and Histories

Beginning in 2000, Biographical and Historical Sketches became an online-only section of the Journal of Animal Science. For sketches published before October 1995 please refer to a printed copy of the journal. A cumulative index of all biographical sketches is available in PDF or HTML format. Please click here to obtain Adobe's free software, Acrobat Reader, which is used for reading PDF documents.


2011, Volume 89

Ervin Thaddeus Kornegay by J. P. Fontenot and J. S. Radcliffe

2009, Volume 87

George Washington Litton by J. P. Fontenot and G. L. Minish

H. Allen Tucker by J. J. Ireland

2008, Volume 86

Alvin Lloyd Moxon by B. A. Dehority

2003 (online only)

Gordon Edwin Dickerson by L. D. Van Vleck and L. V. Cundiff

2002 (online only)

Samuel L. Hansard by S. L. Hansard, II

Lester Earl Casida by Fredrick Stormshak

Willard W. Green by Edgar Young

Ogbourne Duke "O. D." Butler, Jr. by Z. L. Carpenter, J. K. Riggs, and L. L. Boleman

John E. Foster by Edgar Young

C. S. Hobbs by W. R. Backus

Kenneth F. Warner by R. G. Warner

James N. Wiltbank by W. C. Burrell and M. C. Wiltbank

James Edward (Ed) Legates by B. T. McDaniel

2001 (online only)

Lester C. Ulberg by O. W. Robison

Albert M. Pearson by R.A. Merkel

David C. England by J.E. Oldfield

Ralph Eugene Erb by P.V. Malven

2000 (online only)

Frederick Andrews by T. W. Perry

Everett J. Warwick by P. A. Putnam

Donald M. Kinsman by A. Kotula

Charles Wesley Turner by J. Meites and R. R. Anderson

David Leslie Mackintosh by D. H. Kropf

Oliver S. Willham by R. L. Willham

Robert Maurice Melampy by L. L. Anderson

Wesley Patterson Garrigus by U. S. Garrigus and O. T. Garrigus

Ralph Bogart by J. E. Oldfield

Lester E. Hanson by R. M. Jordan

M. L. (Buck) Buchanan by D. S. Buchanan

1999, Volume 77

Victor Arthur Rice by F. N. Andrew

Kenneth Leroy Turk by J. M. Elliot

Albert E. Darlow by R. L. Willham

John Arthur Hill by R. A. Field and C.J. Kercher

Marion E. Ensminger by J. E. Oldfield

Tom Sherman Hamilton by R. M. Jordan

1998, Volume 76

Charles Roy Henderson by L. D. Van Vleck

1997, Volume 75

Earle Wilcox Crampton by E. Donefer

William Lewis Henning by J. H. Ziegler

William Earl Petersen by E. V. Caruolo

Henry Perly Rusk by A. L. Neumann

Sleeter Bull by V. K. Johnson

1996, Volume 74

Lawrence E. Kunkle by V. R. Cahill

Glenn Wade Salisbury by R. H. Foote and N.L. VanDemark

Tony J. Cunha by J. E. Oldfield

Warren Lale Blizzard by R. Totusek

William J. Loeffel by C. H. Adams and R. M. Koch

Donald J. Kays by H. M. Barnes

John H. Knox by J. D. Wallace

John Baptiste Francioni by R. F. Boulware

1995, Volume 73

Loring Vinson Tirrell by D. M. Kinsman

Howard J. Gramlich by Charles H. Adams

Byron Earle Colby by Gerald L. Smith

Lyman J. Bratzler by Robert A. Merkel

Rufus F. Cox by D. L. Good

Herbert Windsor Mumford by U. S. Garrigus and O. T. Garrigus


The history of artificial insemination: Selected notes and notables by R. H. Foote

A brief history of selenium research: From alkali disease to prostate cancer (from poison to prevention) by J. E. Oldfield

History of diethylstilbestrol use in cattle by A. P. Raun and R. L. Preston