ASAS Foundation Accomplishments

2015 Foundation Accomplishments
as of 09/25/2015

  • To date, the ASAS Foundation has received more than $70,000 in pledges and donations in 2015, which directly support the members of ASAS!
  • The ASAS Foundation used funds to support the following initiatives in 2015:
    • Animal Frontiers: The Foundation is a Sustaining Partner and a Foundational Partner in Animal Frontiers. The Foundation provided key support dollars for the magazine in 2015, ensuring enhanced distribution of the magazine worldwide.
    • The Foundation provides support funds for and the Jr. Animal Scientist membership program. Nearly 500 children are Jr. Animal Scientist members!
    • General Foundation Fund Support Awards: The General Foundation Fund supports the Early Career Award at the annual meeting. The 2015 recipients are Samodha Fernando and Kristine Urschel. The General Fund also supported two ASAS Science Communication interns in the summer of 2015: Samantha Kneeskern and Jacquelyn Prestegaard. Please read their work in Taking Stock.
    • ASAS Heritage Lunch: The ASAS Heritage Lunch was held at JAM 2015 and honored Dr. Elwyn Miller and Dr. Duane Ullrey.
    • ASAS Past President's Club: Funds from this club were used to support the 2015 Awards Dinner and the 2015 Awards Celebration. Specifically, these funds supported release of the President's Picks Poster Session at the Awards Celebration and the ASAS AQ Finals.
    • Allee Symposium supported by the Allee Appreciation Club: The Allee Symposium was held in conjunction with the 2015 Midwest Meeting and was attended by more than 500 people. This year's Allee Symposium focused on the Impact of FDA Guidance’s 209 and 213 on the Swine Industry.
    • Baker Symposium supported by the Baker Appreciation Club: The Baker Symposium was held in conjunction with the 2015 Midwest Meeting. More than 530 people registered for the symposium, which focused on "Broadening the Ideal Protein Horizon: Further Elucidation and Application."
    • Breeding and Genetics Symposium supported by the Cundiff, Dickerson, Gregory, Koch, Van Vleck ("CDGKV") Appreciation Club: The Breeding and Genetics Symposium was held in conjunction with the 2015 Midwest Meeting. The topic was "Functional Genomics."
    • Ritchie Symposium supported by the Ritchie Appreciation Club: The Ritchie Symposium was held in conjunction with the 2015 Midwest Meeting. Symposium speakers addressed the question, "Have we entered a new era in beef production."
    • Bentley Lecture and Lunch supported by the Orville Bentley Appreciation Club: The Bentley Lecture and Lunch was held at the 2015 Midwest Meeting. The symposium topic was "Production and quality of exotic meats produced in low input agricultural systems. Attendance topped 215 people.
    • Billy Day Symposium supported by the Billy N. Day Appreciation Club: The Billy Day symposium was held in conjunction with the 2015 Midwest Meeting. The topic of the symposium was "History and Current Status of Milestones in Swine Reproductive Research."
    • Gary L. Cromwell Award supported by the Cromwell Appreciation Club: The 2015 award was given to Gretchen Hill at the 2015 JAM.
    • Stahly/Peo Award supported by the Stahly/Peo Memorial Tribute: This award, presented at the annual Midwest Meeting, is given to an outstanding Swine Nutrition Graduate Student. The 2015 recipient was Nestor Gutierrez.
    • Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award supported by the Bouffault Fund: The award was given at the 2015 JAM to David Notter.
    • H. Allen Tucker Lactation and Endocrinology Award supported by the Tucker Appreciation Club: No recipient in 2015.
    • Animal Physiology & Endocrinology Award supported by the Lauderdale Appreciation Club: In 2013, the Lauderdale Appreciation Club began supporting this award. The 2015 Award was given to Mike Day.
    • Pond International Travel Awards supported by Pond Appreciation Club: Three awards were given in 2015. The recipients were Emily Otto-Tice, Matthew Asmus, and Neil Jaworski.
    • H. Allen Tucker Graduate Student Travel Scholarship supported by the Tucker Appreciation Club: The 2015 recipient was Natalie Urrutia-Cruz. 
    • Fontenot Travel Scholarship supported by the Fontenot Appreciation Club: The 2015 recipient was Kimberly Branham.
    • Morrison Award supported by the Morrison Fund: The highest honor a member of ASAS can receive is the Morrison Award. The 2015 Award was given to Max Rothschild.
    • Science Policy Summer Internship program supported by the Zimbelman, Hafs, Glenn, Boyd, and Britt Appreciation Clubs: Four internships were awarded in 2015. The summer internships have been completed by Pierce Bennett, Maci Lienemann, Tiffany Hebb, and Ashley Weaver. 
  • In 2015, the ASAS Foundation initiated fundraising for two new clubs:
    • Gretchen Hill Appreciation Club: This fund will be used to help support student competitions at the Midwest Meeting.
    • Temple Grandin Appreciation Club: Once the club is fully funded, the money will be used to support those who foster the discovery, sharing and application of scientific knowledge concerning the responsible use of animals to enhance human life and well-being.