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2016 Award Winners

Young Scientist Award – Research

Dr. Kasey Moyes
University of Maryland

Dr. Kasey Moyes is the recipient of the 2016 Northeast Regional ADSA-ASAS Young Scientist Award for Research. After completing her B.S. in Animal Sciences at Michigan State University in 2001, Kasey’s career in science began as a graduate student at the University of Connecticut where she developed an interest in the field of bovine mastitis. Upon completion of her M.S. in 2004 she joined the doctoral program in Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois under the direction of Dr. Jim Drackley. Following completion of her Ph.D. in 2008, Dr. Moyes continued her post-doctoral training at Aarhus University where she was appointed as project leader for the research project that focused on the identification of biomarkers for physiological imbalance in transition dairy cows.  Dr. Moyes joined the Animal and Avian Sciences Department at the University of Maryland as an assistant professor in 2012 where she holds a research and teaching appointment.  At Maryland, Dr. Moyes’ research program has focused on mastitis and the interaction of nutrition and immune responses in lactating dairy cows.

In just 4 years. Dr. Moyes has developed an active and vibrant research program including numerous collaborative efforts with scientists all over the world. In support of her developing research program at Maryland, Dr. Moyes has secured more than $250,000 in external and intramural funding. Dr. Moyes currently has two PhD students and one postdoctoral associate working under her direction in addition to numerous undergraduate student working in her laboratory. Dr. Moyes have given 15 invited presentations at national and international conferences. The results of Dr. Moyes’ research have been published in 35 refereed journal articles, 40 abstracts and 6 extension publications. Kasey is a member of ADSA and the National Mastitis Council, currently serves as a director-at-large for ARPAS, and is an assistant editor for the Journal of Dairy Science.


Young Scientist Award – Educator

Dr. Dennis D'Amico
University of Connecticut

Dr. Dennis D'Amico has spent his career serving the dairy industry in the Northeast. Building from his experiences as a founding member of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese he continues to work closely with stakeholders to develop educational opportunities to provide established and aspiring producers with technical and scientific knowledge necessary to assure the consistent production of safe, high quality cheese and dairy products. At the University of Connecticut Dennis expanded his regional workshops into a harmonized training program to provide education on safe cheese‐making practices, regulations, and public policy. To date the Artisan/Farmstead Cheesemaker Food Safety Workshop program has directly reached over 750 attendees including cheesemakers, educators, retailers, and regulators across the U.S. He is currently involved several collaborative projects to develop online food safety training tools for small-scale cheesemakers including the creation of multimedia case studies using virtual realty. At the regional level, Dennis continues to build an integrated research, education, and outreach program focused on supporting and enhancing the safety and quality of value-added dairy production. He has worked directly with more than 40 small dairy businesses in the northeast providing technical expertise including training in control and monitoring activities to improve hygiene and reduce food safety risks as well as the formulation and development of new products. His laboratory group concurrently conducts basic and applied research to fill data gaps and develop preventive controls for small dairy producers to further minimize the risks of contamination. His research lab also serves as an educational tool through the mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students on research in dairy science and microbiology. At UConn, Dennis also developed Dairy Technology classes that emphasize hands on learning activities scientific writing so that students can further explore their specific interests in dairy science while developing their research and writing skills. As part his education and outreach mission he also serves on the Board of Directors of the American Cheese Society (ACS) and helped to write and edit the ACS Code of Best Practices published this year as a reference and educational tool for small cheese producers. In addition to more than 30 abstracts and peer-reviewed journal articles and 17 invited presentations, Dennis has published several book chapters, entries, and reviews, and serves on the technical committee for the 18th Edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products.

Graduate Student Competition

1st - Cynthia Scholte, University of Idaho

2nd - Amanda Jones, University of Connecticut

3rd - Sambhu Pillai, FDA Center for Vet Medicine